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  1. It Is Bright
  2. Learning to Sleep
  3. Curbside
  4. Transformer
  5. Where the Money Went

Grid Made Mortal is an audio visual production project by Grant Slemp, James P. McNamara, Zach Fleeman, and Mary Pat Losey.

About the EP.

Grid Made Mortal is an exploration of the city spaces that surround us, the emotional impact of the objects that make the foreground and background of our daily experience, and how that changes with time and perception.

Words by James P. McNamara

James P. McNamara is a Kansas City native. A frequent contributor to Demencha Magazine, where he writes about regional rap and jazz. (Photo by PM Ingold)

Production by Grant Slemp

Grant is a midwestern expat living in Washington state. He's played house music around Missouri under the aliases Tortango and The Stripe, but these days he just goes by Grant S. (Photo by Jeremy Cranfill)

Art and Graphic Design by Mary Pat Losey

Mary Pat attended the UMKC School of Fine Arts for printmaking and graphic design. She has designed work for bands, Claire and The Crowded Stage, and Katy Guillen and The Girls. She also, curates where she archives her photography and art whenever she damn well feels like it. She lives in midtown, Kansas City.

Web Hosting and Design by Zach Fleeman

Zach Fleeman is an engineer who likes to make things on the Internet like video game reviews and Let's Plays on YouTube. For a full list of his bizarre creations, visit

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